General information for Prospective Authors

After having prepared a dissertation within one of the LOT-institutes, the author may wish to publish it in the LOT Dissertation Series. Any eligible author must first contact the dissertation coordinator of the LOT institute involved. The dissertation coordinators all are well informed about how to start and what information is needed.

  1. If the author is a regular PhD candidate of a LOT-institute, he/she (or the dissertation coordinator/secretary of the LOT institute) can contact LOT ( LOT will then send all information regarding the procedures to the author.
  2. If the author is an external PhD candidate, under the supervision of a LOT supervisor, the supervisor is expected to send an email to LOT in which she declares that she is the supervisor and gives her permission for publication in the LOT series. After this has been done, LOT will send all information regarding the procedures to the author.

Make sure to contact LOT at least 12 weeks before prospective delivery of the book by the publisher- one day before the ‘Pedel date’ (Note: the Pedel date is usually 3 to 4 weeks before the defence ceremony).

After acceptance as LOT author:

  1. Make sure you are well informed with respect to the guidelines of your university with regard to your defence as well as the guidelines related to the dissertation.
  2. You will get a message from LOT containing all information needed. LOT has a Follow-Up Scheme. Read it carefully and act in accordance with the instructions.
  3. After LOT has received your answers to the questionnaire, the procedure can be started. LOT will calculate the deadlines and prepare the contract. Put the deadlines in your calendar. Note that these deadlines are the end dates. If your thesis is ready before the deadline contact LOT. LOT and the printer (Hollandridderkerk) might be able to get everything ready sooner, so that you will have the books at an earlier date.

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