Local organization

Host of the LOT Summer School 2017 is:
Leiden University Centre for Linguistics
Van Wijkplaats 4 (Second floor)
2311 BX Leiden
The Netherlands

Site: https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/humanities/leiden-university-centre-for-linguistics
E-mail: lot-summerschool-2017@hum.leidenuniv.nl
Telephone number, during working hours: +31 71 527 2125 (LUCL office)

General page: https://www.facebook.com/LOTLandelijkeOnderzoeksch...

Local Organizers
Staff: Anikó Liptak, Gijsbert Rutten, Ruby Sleeman, Roshni Gena.

Local Information and Meeting Point
The LOT Summer School reception area is located in the Lipsius building, room 0.01. This room is located in the south wing, near the side entrance. Opening hours: 08.45 – 17.00 h.

There are small lockers available free of charge right outside room 0.01, which can be used throughout the day but must be emptied before 22:00. You are welcome to leave luggage etcetera in room 0.01; there will be someone present in the room at all times.

Will be held both Mondays at 08:45, in room 0.28 of the Lipsius building, on the same side of the Lipsius building, near the south entrance. Coffee, tea and cookies will be served right outside 0.28.

Time: Monday June 26 and Monday July 3, 2017, 08:45.

How to get there
Follow the link below for more information on how to get to Leiden and the Lipsius building:


For public transport, you can use the OV-Chipkaart: buy one card and use it throughout the whole country for trips by train and bus, and also for tram and metro when traveling outside of Leiden (i.e. to, from, and within Amsterdam). The card costs € 7,50 and is available at the yellow ticket dispenser at the Railway station or at several service points, like Primera or Bruna shops. Before you can travel with the OV-chipkaart, you have to top it up; in order to use it for train travels, it must be activated for train-usage in addition to topping it up. Both actions can be performed at Railway stations at a ticket machine of the Dutch Railways (NS). Ask the service counters for help if necessary.

More information can be found: at the OV-chipcard website, and where can you travel with the OV-chipcard with the OV-chipcard?

Please note that besides using an OV-chipcard, it is still possible to buy tickets:
  • Train tickets: at the ticket office or at the yellow ticket dispenser. Please note that extra costs of 1 Euro are charged per ticket!
  • Bus tickets: in the bus, but with small change only.

As said above, the reception is located in room 0.01 in the south wing. The opening of the LOT schools will be in 0.28, also in the south wing. The Schultink lecture on Wednesday 28 June (14:00-15:00) will also be in room 0.28.

Classes will be held in the following three rooms: 0.28, 2.27, 2.28. The rooms 2.27 and 2.28 are located on the second floor in the north wing. Information about which course is in which room can be found in due course in the Schedule.

Room 1.48 will serve as a room for meetings between teachers and students or teachers among their colleagues. It will be a general place for teachers to sit and work. Coffee will be served here at regular intervals. Room 1.48 is available in principle between 07:30 and 22:00 (Lipsius opening hours), except for a few exceptions:

  • On Thursday 29-06 it is available from 14:00-22:00;
  • On Wednesday 05-07 it is available from 07:30-13:00, and again from 18:00-22:00.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Teachers can alternatively make use of the general reception room in 0.01.

Room 1.47, located adjacent to 1.48, is also available for private meetings upon request. Please ask the local organizers.

Throughout the school there will be two computer rooms reserved for LOT especially. These are rooms 126A and 126B. They are located in the north wing of the Lipsius building, on the first floor. Log-on accounts will be provided by the local organization and will be distributed upon your on-site registration.

In the second week of the school, 126A will be used for Gerben Mulder’s course and for Paul Vierthaler’s course. 126B will still be available.

Rooms 148, 126A and 126B are reserved for participants and teachers at the LOT school on week days during the opening hours of the Lipsius building: Mon-Fri, 08:00-22:00. Outside of lunch hours, there are plenty of chairs and benches available in the Lipsius restaurant area as well.

If you are in Leiden during the weekend and wish to go and work at the Lipsius building, the building is opened from 9am to 20pm.


If you're still looking for a hotel/hostel, please contact the local organisation: lot-summerschool-2017@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

The Summer School participants are accommodated either in Webster University’s Living and Learning Center, or at the Beach Hostel Holland in Katwijk. Contact with the hotels is mediated by the local organisers mentioned above.

Webster University’s Living and Learning Center
Website: http://www.webster.nl/student-life/housing.html
Webster University the Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)71 516 8000
Check-In Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Check-Out Time: 10:00 am

Please send an e-mail to lot-summerschool-2017@hum.leidenuniv.nl in case you would like to check in at a different time. If you are staying at Webster’s LLC, we ask you to send us a color scan copy of your valid passport. At the check in you will receive a key with which you can enter the hostel after reception closing hours.

You are asked to respect the daily noise curfew between 10:30 pm and 9:00 am. Between these hours you are not allowed to have any guests. Breaking these house rules may result in a fine.

More information is available here: http://www.webster.nl/documents/housing_policy_handbook_16-17.pdf

The Living and Learning Centre is located on Galgewater 1A. This is about a 10 minutes’ walk from Leiden Central station. You go straight down the Stationsweg, past the Beestenmarkt square (there is a McDonald’s and the cinema Lido), until you hit a big bridge called Blauwpoortsbrug. When standing on the bridge you can see the Living and Learning Centre ahead. Cross the bridge, turn right onto Kort Rapenburg, where you will immediately cross another bridge, and turn right again onto Galgewater.

At Webster’s LLC, students will be accommodated in two-bed or three-bed rooms. No breakfast is served, but each room is provided with its own kitchenette with fridge, sink and stove, so there are facilities for warming or even cooking meals. At the lounge downstairs there are microwaves and a small oven.

Upon arrival you are provided with a map indicating the nearest supermarkets (the nearest one is Jumbo next to Central Station), ATM, shops, etc.

The LLC normally recommends to buy some items in groups (cleaning liquids, toilet paper…), this works especially well because it is a one week stay.

Reaching the Lipsius building from the LLC is easy: you walk back to Kort Rapenburg and turn right onto Kort Rapenburg. Then continue walking straight, alongside the canal, for about 400m until you reach the Doelensteeg. Turn right here and you will see the Lipsius (140m in front of you).

Beach Hostel Holland
Badstraat 9 I 2225 BL Katwijk aan Zee I +31 (0)71 401 5273
Site: http://www.beachhostelholland.nl/
Check in: after 2:00 pm
Check out: before 11:00 am
At the check in you will receive a key with which you can enter the hostel after reception closing hours.

The Beach Hostel – what’s in a name – is located at the beach of Katwijk, not far from Leiden. You will be accommodated in rooms of up to three bunk beds. Breakfast is served every morning from 7:00 am.

Traveling from Leiden University to the hostel takes 40-50 minutes by public transport (see above for information on the OV chip card). You can take bus 1 or bus 3 to Leiden Central station from Paterstraat, the bus stop just behind the Lipsius building; or bus 1, 3 or 5 from Noordeinde, just North of the campus.

From Leiden Central, take bus 31 to Katwijk and get off at stop ‘Katwijk, Noordeinde’ (100m from the hostel) or bus 38 and get off at ‘Katwijk, Vuurbaak’ (700m from the hostel).

Registration & Cancellation
The registration for accommodation closes on June 4th, 2017.

For lodging this is a strict deadline; no lodging requests will be handled after this date. Make sure you have read the cancellation policy before you sign up for lodging. You can find it in the General Info.

Hotel suggestions
For those who will not be using the LOT accommodation, Leiden has many hotels and B&B’s. Below is a small number of suggestions.

Meals and drinks
Breakfast is included for those staying at the beach hostel; for Webster residents, you are asked to buy your own groceries, and maybe organize a joint breakfast, or rotate who makes breakfast with your fellow LOT participants staying there!

Coffee, tea and biscuits will be available every day between 10.45 and 11.30 just outside 0.28. Tea, coffee, snack and lunch are also available on the Campus in the ‘Literair Café’ and in the University Restaurant (dinner can be bought here as well), located on the ground floor of the Lipsius building.

LOT school restaurant dinner
On Thursday June 29 (week 1) and Thursday July 6 (week 2) a dinner will be organized for all participants of the LOT school, starting at 19.00h. You can sign up for dinner when you register for the school. Please make sure to indicate any allergies such as lactose or gluten intolerance, as well as dietary wishes such as vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise, in the registration form. Participants are asked to pay 20 euros for each dinner. This amount will be added to the fee/accommodation costs.

In week 1, we will have dinner at restaurant Kitch&: http://kitchen-leiden.nl/. A special menu has been designed for us with a main course of vegetables with either fish or chicken, followed by dessert (again, please indicate vegan/vegetarian, and also any allergies, in the registration if applicable). The €20 dinner fee covers one drink, water, bread+butter, and fries.

In week 2, we will have an Indonesian-style buffet dinner on campus, on the beautiful patio of the Arsenaal building. We will ensure a mix of spicy and non-spicy, sweet and savory, and plenty of vegetarian dishes. Please indicate any allergies or other dietary demands (such as vegan) during online registration. The dinner fee includes one drink and water.

Other meals
For the other meals during the week, participants are asked to make their own arrangements. (The Lipsius restaurant sells several luxurious sandwiches, hot meals, freshly baked bread and delicious homemade daily soups - two flavors each day, one meat and one vegetarian – for very low prices.) For more information on where to find lunch and dinner outside of the campus, see the list below or visit the Leiden Tourist Information website for local events or activities: https://www.visitleiden.nl/en

Restaurants near Lipsius (within a 5 minutes’ walk):

Restaurants max. 15min from Lipsius:

*Note: On Wednesdays and Saturdays, there are food stalls at the market on the Nieuwe Rijn where local fried fish (e.g., Kibbeling, Lekkerbekje), smoked fish (e.g. paling, salmon) and raw fish (herring) can be tasted, as well as Dutch cheeses. There are plenty of good ice cream parlors around the area.
**Note: there is a McDonald’s located on the Beestenmarkt square between the University and the central station, as well as one in an alley of the Haarlemmerstraat (Donkersteeg 7). There is a Subway restaurant just across the rear entrance of this McDonald’s (Stille Mare 11). A Burger King is located just across Leiden Central station.

Poster sessions and drinks
LOT school participants are encouraged to present their research to teachers and fellow researchers in the form of a poster. The poster sessions will take place on Monday June 26 (week 1) and Monday July 3 (week 2). Drinks will be provided by the local organization. A poster prize will be awarded to the best poster presentation of the evening. (Please note that you cannot compete for the poster prize with the same poster twice.)

Time: 26th june: 17:00 – 18.00, 3rd July: 16:30 – 18.00.

Place: Lipsius, hall (ground floor).

Schultink Lecture
The Schultink lecture in honour of Henk Schultink will be organized again during the LOT Summer School 2017.

Speaker: Shana Poplack

Title: Telling tales in and out of school: prescriptive dictates meet community norms in vernacular entrenchment and spread

Date: Wednesday, June 28th
Time: 14.00-15.00 h
Place: room 0.28 (Lipsius)

Linguistics Movie Night
Six times a year, LUCL organizes a Linguistics Movie Night, in which a linguistically relevant movie, documentary or series is shown and discussed by a researcher. For the coming LOT summer school, an extra Movie Night will be organized, themed ‘Not that there's anything wrong with that...’

Sitcoms are a great source for laughs, but also for illustrations of pragmatic concepts like implicatures and cooperation. In this special LOT Movie Night, Dr. Ronny Boogaart of LUCL will introduce and discuss episodes from Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory.

Date: Wednesday 5 July
Time: 19.30-22.00 h
Place: room 1.47 (Lipsius)
Free entrance, snacks and drinks!

Computer facilities and WiFi
Rooms 126A and 126B (both with 18 individual pc’s) on the first floor of the Lipsius building are at your disposal from 8:00 until 22:00 on weekdays. In week 2, 126A will be in use for classes during the first two slots. Room 123 is a general computer room, also available to other (non-LOT) students; but there are always spots in this room as well.

Getting access to the computers
In order to get access to these computers you need an User ID and a Password. We will send you these data through e-mail before the start of the School, using the e-mail address that you’ve included in your registration form.

There is a helpdesk (called ISSC) for all your questions or problems with access to computers and/or internet. It is located on the ground floor of the Lipsius building, next to the ‘Literair Café’. They can also reset your password, in case of emergency!

Opening hours: Monday till Friday: 9:00 – 17.00 h.

WiFi is available all over the Campus. If you are already a user of Eduroam, you can continue doing so at the Campus. Please check at the IT Information Desk of your own institute if there are some special settings you have to use. Additionally, we will also send you extra information by e-mail about the settings for Eduroam. In case the connection is not working, you can use the User ID and password we have sent you for the Leiden University Wireless Access (LUWA).

University Library
The University Library is located across the water of the Witte Singel behind the Lipsius. With a valid passport or ID card, you can go to the Library’s front desk and apply for a LU card (which will be linked to your logon credentials). Please note that it will be quite busy in the library at the time of the LOT summer school, as it will be full of students who are studying for their final exams, or finishing up their term papers and theses. The desk where you can apply for your card may also be busy. Try checking back at a later time if this is the case.

With your LU card you can access the library by scanning it at the entrance gates. Don’t forget your card at your desk when you go out to get a coffee! You will have locked yourself out of the UB, so to speak. The card will allow you to borrow books as well – only those in so called Closed Stack. Those in Open Stack are for on-site consulting only.

The library has some computers available for working, but these are almost always taken unless you come in very early or very late. Follow this link for additional information: https://www.library.universiteitleiden.nl/using-the-library

Please note that the newest part of the library has just been finished: the Asian Library. Due to limited space, this area is restricted for use only by those who can show some form of proof of an affiliation with Asian research.

Printing and Xerox facilities
With your LU card, you can print at any of the printers in the UB and in the Lipsius. To do this, you should top up the card. Learn how to do this here: http://www.ufb.leiden.edu/copying-printing/copy-print-shops/lu-card-prints.html

The nearest cash dispenser is located in the Breestraat. When leaving the Lipsius building through the main entrance, walk straight, past the Doelensteeg, over the bridge past the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, through the houtstraat past the Gerecht, through the Lokhorststraat and the Diefsteeg until you reach the Breestraat. There are more cash dispensers and banks throughout the city centre.

Post office
There are several post office service centres in town, e.g. in supermarkets and at the tabaconist. Find them here: https://www.google.nl/maps/search/post+office+leiden/@52.1592087,4.4585895,13.54z

Local help desks
For any questions you may have during the LOT school, visit one of the following:

Hortus Botanicus
One final tip on this page is to visit the Hortus Botanicus (Botanical Garden), right next to the University, which is mostly a very nice park to sit and study or enjoy leisure time with your fellow students. Upon showing the student card from your own university, you may enter the Hortus for €2. A small price to pay for a nice pick nick venue – and you are supporting the ongoing botanical research as well! https://www.hortusleiden.nl/en/