LOT Winter School 2019

Negative coordination

Hamida Demirdache


Title of the course: Negative coordination

Teacher: Hamida Demirdache

Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes (LLING, UMR 6310) CNRS/Université de Nantes

Email address: Hamida.Demirdache@univ-nantes.fr

Course info
Level: Advanced

Course description

This course addresses the issue of the syntax-semantics mapping of negative coordination (neithernor in English, in Italian, nini in French and Spanish) from a cross-linguistic perspective, by exploring the distribution and interpretation of the n-word coordinator ni in two romance languages: French vs. Spanish.

Day-to-day p

Lecture 1

Single, recursive and scalar ni in French vs. Spanish: issues at the syntax semantics interface.

Lectures 2 -3

How negative coordinators fit into the typology of polarity sensitive/negative concord items:

Is ni semantically negative or not? (Lecture 2)

Is nia conjunction with wide scope over negation on a par with universal (∀¬) analyses of n -words, or a disjunction with narrow scope over negation on a par with existential (¬ ∃)analyses of n -words?(Lecture 3)

Lecture 4

Scalar negative (covert) coordination.

Lecture 5

Negative coordination: the syntax/semantics mapping.


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