LOT Winter School 2018

Cartography and explanation

Luigi Rizzi


University of Geneva


Course info

Level: intermediate - advanced

Course description:

Syntactic structures are complex objects. The cartography of syntactic structures is a project which focuses on structural complexity by drawing maps as precise and detailed as possible of syntactic configurations. The project has a large descriptive endeavor, which has led, over the last twenty years, to the discovery of numerous properties of syntactic structures: properties of ordering in the sequence of functional elements, properties of mutual incompatibility, and of freezing, among others. This important empirical dimension opens the issue of the explanation of the observed patterns, as it is unlikely that such complex properties may be directly encoded in UG: how can they be traced back to fundamental ingredients of syntactic computations? The search for explanation of cartographic properties may involve two fundamental components:

  • Interface principles, which may require particular arrangements of syntactic object for interpretive reasons;
  • Formal principles operating within the box of formal syntax (principles of locality, economy, labeling).

The course will discuss cases of both types of explanations of cartographic properties. In this perspective cartographic studies can be seen as generators of new empirical issues for syntactic theory, thus nourishing and renewing the empirical basis of theoretical syntax.

Day-to-day program

Monday: The cartography of syntactic structures: some ideas and results

Tuesday: The structure of the left periphery and the role of interface principles

Wednesday: Cartography and locality

Thursday: Freezing effects in criterial positions

Friday: The labeling algorithm and the explanation of freezing

Reading list

Course readings

Lecture 1:

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Lecture 2:

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Lecture 3:

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Lecture 4:

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Lecture 5:

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