Management structure

The LOT management structure involves a director, a board, a management committee and a curriculum committee.

1.1 Director

The LOT director is responsible for the school's daily affairs. Tasks include drafting research plans, graduate programs, and the annual report, and submitting these to the board for approval. He/she is also responsible for the school's budget. The director functions as secretary to the board, and participates in the board meetings. The present director of the school is Prof. dr. H.E. de Swart.

1.2 Board

The LOT board is responsible for all activities and initiatives undertaken in the context of the graduate school. The board's formal tasks are:

  • to approve a general research plan, once every 5 years, and short term research actions;
  • to approve a general graduate programme for LOT-students and a specific curriculum proposal twice a year;
  • to approve the annual budget for the school;

The board must have at least one representative of each of the participating institutes, who elect a chair person from their midst. The members of the present board are:

  • Prof. dr. Sjef Barbiers (Leiden), chair
  • Prof. dr. Onno Crasborn (Nijmegen)
  • Dr. Gertjan Postma (Meertens Instituut)
  • Prof. dr. Judith Rispens (Amsterdam-UvA)
  • Prof. dr. Fons Maes (Tilburg)
  • Prof. dr. Jack Hoeksema (Groningen)
  • Prof. dr. Aoju Chen (Utrecht)
  • Prof. dr. Lourens de Vries (Amsterdam-VU)
  • Dr. Hans Van de Velde (Fryske Akademy)
  • Dr. Evelyn Bosma (post-doc, Universiteit Leiden)

1.3 Management committee

The LOT management committee executes the various activities and plans determined or approved by the board. The committee consists of the directors of each of the institutes/groups and meets on a regular basis. The management committee is chaired by the LOT director. The members of the present management committee are:

  • Prof. dr. HenriĆ«tte de Swart (LOT)
  • Prof. dr. Marc Swerts (Tilburg)
  • Prof. dr. Frank Wijnen (Utrecht)
  • Prof. dr. Antal van den Bosch (Meertens Instituut)
  • Prof. dr. Gertjan van Noord (Groningen)
  • Prof. dr. Niels Schiller (Leiden)
  • Prof. dr. Paul Boersma (Amsterdam-UvA)
  • Prof. dr. Mirjam Ernestus (Nijmegen)
  • Drs. Willem Smink (Fryske Akademy)

1.4 Curriculum committee

The LOT curriculum committee assists in the development and co-ordination of the LOT graduate program. It consists of representatives of each of the participating institutes/groups, and two representatives of the graduate students, who are each year changing according to the local organisations of the upcoming LOT Schools. The committee also has a general curriculum coordinator, who acts as secretary to the committee. Currently this position is held by dr. Sophie ter Schure. The present curriculum committee consists of:

  • Prof. dr. Ad Backus (Tilburg)
  • Dr. Freek Van de Velde (Leuven)
  • Dr. Marianne Starren (Nijmegen)
  • Dr. Petra Bos (Amsterdam -VU)
  • Dr. Maaike Schoorlemmer (Utrecht)
  • Prof. dr. Jeannette Schaeffer (Amsterdam - UvA)
  • Dr. Angeliek van Hout (Groningen)
  • Dr. Gijsbert Rutten (Leiden)

The organisational tasks for the graduate program, including the Summer and Winter schools, are jointly carried out by the curriculum coordinator, dr. Sophie ter Schure and the director of LOT, prof. dr. Henriƫtte de Swart, with the support of drs. Karijn Hootsen.