Order LOT Publications

LOT has two publishing lines: the LOT Occasional Series and the LOT Dissertation Series.

Igitur, Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services, is the department of the University Library that realizes the digital publishing for LOT. All publications are available online and can also be ordered via independent online demand.

Occasional Series

Dissertation Series

Older Dissertations

Some older publications are not available online, they can only be ordered through the LOT office, or they might be sold out.  For these dissertations check with the LOT Office: lot(removeme)uu.nl / +31 (0)30 2536111.

Your publication at LOT

All LOT graduates can publish their dissertation in the Dissertation Series. Non-LOT graduates can only publish when (i) the defense takes place at one of the universities collaborating in LOT, and the promotor is a member of LOT, (ii) the director of the relevant LOT institute gives permission for publication, and (iii) the editorial board approves publication of the dissertation in the LOT series. 

The editorial board currently consists of:

  • Prof.dr. V. van Heuven
  • Dr. J. C. J. Hoeks
  • Prof.dr. R.W.N.M. van Hout
  • Prof.dr. E. J. Reuland
  • Prof. dr. M. van der Wal

Any questions?

Contact us preferably by email: lot(removeme)uu.nl or call our secretary at +31 (0)30 2536111

The general information on publishing with LOT can be found under for prospective authors.